The number of homeowners “going solar” has increased by an average of 40% every year for the last 10 years. About half a million homeowners in the U.S. have determined that solar makes sense:
  • You can help protect the environment while reducing or eliminating your electric bill.
  • Solar financing options available in all regions can help you go solar with no money down – allowing you to save money from day one.
  • Homes with solar have higher resale values and sell more quickly. A recent Zillow study has revealed a 4% increase in home values 
  • A typical residential solar system offsets about as much greenhouse gas as the average car emits. Adding one solar system is equivalent to taking one car off the road.


CertainTeed’s Apollo® II Solar Roofing System is the pinnacle of energy production, using
monocrystalline silicon solar cells to capture and convert solar energy at a rate of 63 watts per module. This innovative system significantly decreases
a home’s draw on the grid while reducing carbon emissions. Apollo II will generate most or all of the electricity
a home needs throughout the day while reducing rooftop temperatures. The excess power flows back through the meter into the power grid, reducing energy costs. Apollo II is also available in a profile suitable for integration with flat concrete tile.

Solstice® Solar Roofing System efficiently converts solar energy into electricity to reduce a home’s carbon emissions while saving the homeowner money.