The Ultimate in Versatility and Efficiency

The Volu-Matic™ 500, formerly the Volu-Matic® V, is a powerful, dual-purpose machine. With all the performance features and capabilities of the exceptional Volu-Matic® 300, it excels at insulating attics, netted and closed cavities, and spraying sidewalls. Plus, its custom vacuum system returns excess insulation to the large material hopper, which is equipped with unique processing capabilities to blend recovered recycled material while providing a smooth, consistent flow of fiber through the feeder and back out the application end of the blow hose.

The vacuum system is part of the machine, so no additional job site setup is required. Simply turn it on when you need it. The Volu-Matic 500 delivers efficiency on location, ease of adjustment, and practical versatility.

Since 1999, the respected Unisul brand of high-performance insulation machines has been part of the Machine Works portfolio. Today, Unisul is fully integrated. You may notice a new look and a streamlined lineup, but the machines’ quality and performance are still top-notch, as is the technical support that helps keep them running for decades.

Key Features:


Power take-off (PTO)
Fully sealed blow-through air-lock feeder
Positive displacement blower
Air volume control system
Four-speed automatic transmission
Material control slide
Heavy-duty gearboxes
Heavy-duty electric clutches
Integrated vacuum system
Material deceleration box
Built-in water pump
Expanded hopper with additional blending components
Automatic backflow check valve
Automatic pressure relief valve
Electrical overload protection
Mechanical overload protection
Self-aligning sealed bearings
Adjustable drive belts
Wired Remote control
Integrated safety features


Wireless remote control
Quick-change seal system
Multi-tank water supply system
3kW or 10kW generator

Feature Details:

Material Recovery Vacuum System - Returns scrubbed fiber from wall spray applications to material hopper. The material deceleration box disperses the recycled fiber over the full width of the hopper, where it is blended with new fiber.  

Fully Sealed Blow-Through Air-Lock Feeder - Provides a consistent flow of conditioned fiber.

Air Volume Control System - Adjustable air pressure and air flow control with panel-mounted display gauge.

Four-Speed Transmission - Operator-selected speed control for various materials and applications. Allows additional control of air-to-material ratio. 

Material Control Slide - Secondary volume and conditioning control. Allows operator to adjust fiber flow to the shredder.

Mechanical Overload Protection - Protects internal hopper components and air-lock feeder from foreign objects.  

Remote Control - Gives installer the option of selecting Air Only or Air and Fiber from the point of application. 

Powder-Coat Finish – Durable, long-life protection for your investment. 

Integrated Safety Features - Front, rear, and side guards surround all moving parts. In addition, an electrical interlock disables the drive mechanism when the front safety guard is opened. Easily accessible emergency stop switches are standard.  

Self-Aligning Sealed Bearings – Sealed, high-quality bearings keep out dust and are equipped with Zerk fittings for proper maintenance.  

Adjustable Drive Belts – Maximize belt life with flexibility to adjust tension.  


Technical Information

Available Drive System
Power take-off (PTO) on truck
Typical Feed Rates
Fiberglass - 25-35 lbs. (11.3-15.9 kg)/min.
Stone Wool - 35-55 lbs. (15.9-25.0 kg)/min.
Cellulose - 70-80 lbs. (31.7-36.1 kg)/min.
Load height: 60" (152 cm)
Height: 88" (224 cm)
Depth: 88.5" (225 cm)
Width: 80" (203 cm)
Weight: 2500 lbs. (1134 kg)