Because great spaces begin with a layer of protection.

CertainTeed sheathing products provide a weather-resistant barrier that keeps your building safe from harsh outside elements. Sheathing is designed for exterior wall systems and applications. An evolution from traditional wood boards, sheathing products have moisture and mold resistant properties to help protect the structure of your space.


GLASROC® is a strong and flexible fire-resistant exterior sheathing that provides long-term protection to weather exposure. It is lightweight, easy to install, and bends to fit curved surfaces. 

A water-repellent gypsum sheathing for exterior applications. It performs as the base for exterior wall finishings and various siding materials.

Labeled as the next generation’s industry standard for high-performance, weather resistant, gypsum-based sheathing.

For exterior applications with indirect exposure to the weather, such as the underside of eaves, carport ceilings and canopies.