When you design a space every element contributes to the performance– even the drywall.  Whether it’s creating healthier spaces with walls that clean the air, more restful spaces with walls that control sound, or spaces where durable walls can handle anything, we know walls matter. That’s why we engineer innovative drywall solutions that enhance occupant comfort and create better environments for working, playing, learning and healing.


CertainTeed gypsum’s residential products contribute to a more comfortable and healthy home environment. Whether it’s a more durable wall for active households, an acoustic board for bedrooms, or an indoor air quality board that clean the air our wall to wall solutions will change the way you live with walls.

Great buildings create better environments for learning, healing, playing, and working. CertainTeed provides durable and sustainable interior wall-to-wall solutions that improve acoustics, air quality, and productivity for positive experiences.

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At CertainTeed, we're committed to product transparency, helping you make smarter, more sustainable choices.

CertainTeed provides a complete range of products and solutions for every project. 

The Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy is a unique gypsum industry event and one of the largest of its kind. Learn more about the event and the CertainTeed projects entered.

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Habito, an industry first, combines the strength and substance of old-fashioned plaster with the convenience of drywall.

CertainTeed’s line of structural laminate corners save money on call backs and are more aesthetically appealing over the long-term.

Comfortable living starts with better indoor air quality. AirRenew® improves the quality of air inside your building. 

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